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A post-apocalyptic television quiz show transmitted from by the British Emergency Broadcasting System "between 600 and 750 days" after "the Event", an unexplained event in the year 2013. Participants on the show are often survivors "trying to enjoy themselves" whilst avoiding any traumatic memories of the Event; Peter, who was blinded by raiders after the Event, Sheila, who worships Tesco, and Unknown Male 282, who is suffering from shock.

The show contains numerous reminders for viewers to "REMAIN INDOORS", echoed by on-screen messages and by the host. As most of civilisation had been destroyed by the Event, many of the questions asked either have lost answers, or have a "correct" answer that is completely wrong. Rounds have included trivia, identifying "pre-Event" people from photographs, the Film Round (where contestants must try to identify what happened next in a clip claimed to be the only surviving footage from before the Event), the Conveyor Belt Round (a parody of the bonus game of the BBC game show The Generation Game), and Sudden Death, during which Unknown Male 282 suddenly dies.

As of Series Four, Unknown Male 282's former place is wrapped in bubble wrap and biohazard tape; his spot was taken by a "professor", who was shot because he said he was "infected". In the penultimate sketch, the broadcast ended prematurely, after an unknown contestant turned out to be one of "them" (a zombie-like race of mutants), and proceeded to eat Sheila, followed by a swarm of "them" invading the studio. In the (presumably) final sketch of the quiz broadcast, it is revealed that all of "Them" died suddenly, leaving Peter and the host as the only survivors. The sketch ends on a sombre note as the host suggests that he and Peter "stand together", holding hands in silence as the transmission cuts out. The Quiz Broadcast may have been inspired by the real (albeit unused) Wartime Broadcasting Service, which would have broadcast for 100 days after a nuclear attack on the United Kingdom, or if conventional bombing destroyed regular facilities.

Test CardsEdit

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