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This is the fourth episode of the third series of That Mitchell and Webb Look.It is the sixteenth episode overall. It originally aired July 2nd, 2009. [1]


Comedy sketch show starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

The secret of the universe is revealed in a melon; a butler discovers he's had a thirty-year misunderstanding with his employer; and a soothsayer in ancient Pompeii wonders if the smell of sulphur in the air means everyone ought to do a bit more recycling. Plus, long-suffering Hennimore has to stop a giant wasp getting into a giant jam pot.[2]

Sketch ListEdit


Picture Title/Description/Cast Sidenotes

Kitchen Nightmares
On "Kitchen Nightmares," A chef reaches his breaking point out of the impossible demands of the show's host.
Anything You Want: Antarctica
Runner: A dying man wants to go snowboarding among the penguins of the Antarctic.
  • Dying Man: Robert Webb
  • Man: David Mitchell
  • Written by Kieron Self and Giles New.


The Quiz Broadcast: Conveyor Belt Round
Recurring: The Quiz Brodcast has its Conveyor Belt Round, even if they might have forgotten how to use it.
  • Host: David Mitchell
  • Patrick: Robert Webb
  • Sheila: Sarah Hadland
  • Conveyor Belt People: Abigail Burdess, Mark Evans, Unknown
  • Test Card: "By the time you read this I'll be dead"
  • Winner: Sheila wins the conveyor belt round after Patrick hears an alarm and, fearing it to be a raid, accidentally runs into a wall. She wins someone's head and a stone.
  • Written by Jonathan Dryden Taylor, David Mitchell, Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris.



Homeopathic A&E
Two doctors struggle to use homeopathy to save a dying patient.
  • Doctor: Robert Webb
  • Guru: David Mitchell
  • Patient: Mark Evans
  • Nurse: Sarah Hadland
  • Written by Mark Evans
Swinger Party
A young couple feels uncomfortable about what they believe to be a swinger party.
  • Ben: Robert Webb
  • Lizzie: Abigail Burdess
  • Husband #2: David Mitchell
  • Barbara: Sarah Hadland
  • Written by Mitchell and Webb.



Anything You Want: Die Hard
Runner: A dying man wants to do Die Hard.
  • Dying Man: Robert Webb
  • Man: David Mitchell
  • Shot Woman: Sarah Hadland
  • Crowd: Mark Evans, Abigail Burdess, Unknown
  • Spoofs Die Hard.
  • Written by Kieron Self and Giles New.

Get Me Hennimore: John 23
Recurring: Hennimore has to make sure a giant wasp doesn't get to his boss' giant jar of jam, but his boss' wife causes some confusion.
  • Hennimore: Robert Webb
  • Boss / Wife: David Mitchell
  • Written by Toby Davies and David Mitchell.

Behind the Scenes: X's
David fears that people might think he's cold and repressed because he doesn't use X's at the end of his texts.
  • David Mitchell: Himself
  • Robert Webb: Himself
  • Written by Jonathan Dryden Taylor and David Mitchell.
A soothsayer offers the emperor of Pompeii a solution to the incoming crisis.
  • Quintilius: David Mitchell
  • Emperor: Robert Webb
  • Written by Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris.
A commercial advertises Cressps, chips made from cress, the healthiest food in the world.
  • Man: Robert Webb
  • Friend / Announcer: David Mitchell
  • Wife: Sarah Hadland
  • Written by James Bachman and Mark Evans.
My Dear Butler
A man suddenly discovers that his butler isn't going out with him.
  • Butler (Steve Griffiths): Robert Webb
  • Man: David Mitchell
  • Written by Jonathan Dryden-Taylor and David Mitchell.


There is No God
A watermelon sparks an astonishing discovery.
  • Disillusioned Man: Robert Webb
  • Reverend Steven Murray: David Mitchell
  • News Reporter: Sarah Hadland
  • Man: James Bachman
  • Helen: Abigail Burdess
  • Written by Chris Reddy.

Behind the Scenes: Pissing in the Shower
Robert discusses how pissing in the shower makes him feel like a superhero.
  • David Mitchell: Himself
  • Robert Webb: Himself
  • Written by Robert Webb.
Anything You Want: Sex
Runner: A dying man wants to have sex... with his friend's wife.
  • Dying Man: Robert Webb
  • Man: David Mitchell
  • Written by Kieron Self and Giles New.


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