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This is the second episode of the third series of That Mitchell and Webb Look. It is the fourteenth episode overall. It originally aired June 18th, 2009. [1]


Comedy sketch show starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

This programme reveals the true purpose of the Giant Death Ray, presents a gangland villain made of wood, and offers dating advice from a man who is almost Gary Rhodes. Plus a look back at the careers of Ted and Peter, Britain's least successful professional snooker players, in Screw Back in Anger, and an introduction to the world's least politically correct superhero.[2]

Sketch ListEdit


Picture Title/Description/Cast Sidenotes
Friendly Phrases
An ad agency struggles to come up with new phrases regarding what organizations are evidently doing.
  • Written by David Mitchell.[3]

Sort Yourself Out
For God's sake, women, sort yourself out.
  • Narrator: David Mitchell
  • Woman: Sarah Hadland
  • Man: Robert Webb
  • Child: Jack Butcher
  • Written by Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris.


Giant Death Ray
A scientist presents his latest inventions to the president and general, but refuses to let them be used for military applications.
  • Scientist: Robert Webb
  • Mr. President: David Mitchell
  • General Agnew: James Bachman
  • Written by Simon Kane.


The Quiz Broadcast: Sudden Death Round
Recurring: The Quiz Broadcast has its Questions Round, Film Round, and Sudden Death Round.
  • Host: David Mitchell
  • Patrick: Robert Webb
  • Sheila: Sarah Hadland
  • Unidentified Male 282: James Bachman
  • Test Card: "Mommy won't wake up"
  • Winner: None, but Unidentified Male 282 dies in the "Sudden Death Round."
  • Written by Jonathan Dryden-Taylor, David Mitchell, Jason Hazeley, and Joel Morris.
Behind the Scenes: Hit and Miss
Recurring: Robert asks David why they waste so much time writing deliberately terrible material for the show as to appease expectations.
  • David Mitchell: Himself
  • Robert Webb: Himself
  • The alleged running order listed is hit, miss, hit, hit, miss, miss, hit, miss, hit, miss, hit, miss, miss, miss, hit, hit, miss, hit, miss.
  • Written by Jonathan Dryden Taylor and David Mitchell.
Gary Rhodes
A man struggling on a date conjures up Gary Rhodes to help him out, though his homophobia gets in the way.
  • Gary Rhodes: Robert Webb
  • Man: David Mitchell
  • Date: Mark Evans
  • Friend / Andy McNab: James Bachman
  • Due to Robert's Gary Rhodes being a composite of different sources of what the man can remember, the violin is shoehorned due to a similarity with violinist Nigel Kennedy's haircut.
  • Written by Toby Davies and Chris Pell.
Alternate Takes: Posh Jaws
Runner / Blackout: Two gentleman spy a shark.
  • Gentleman #1: Robert Webb
  • Gentleman #2: David Mitchell
  • Written by Mitchell and Webb.
  • Spoofs Jaws.

Ventriloquist Robbery
The police struggle to capture a ventriloquist robber.
  • Police Chief: David Mitchell
  • Robber: Robert Webb
  • Female Police Officer: Abigail Burdess
  • Puppeteer: James Bachman
  • Store Clerk: Laura Aikman
  • Written by Chris Reddy.
Alternate Takes: Posh Jaws II
Runner / Blackout: Two gentleman spy another shark.
  • Gentleman #1: Robert Webb
  • Gentleman #2: David Mitchell
  • This is the shortest sketch done on the show, at eleven seconds.
  • Written by Mitchell and Webb.
Captain Todger
Runner: Interviewed after saving the day, Captain Todger makes crude and racy remarks regarding his infatuation with knobbing.
  • Captain Todger: Robert Webb
  • Police Chief: David Mitchell
  • Female Interviewer: Abigail Burdess
  • This sketch marks the first appearance of Captain Todger.
  • The police banner reading "Metropolitan Police: The People Who Arrest People" references the "Friendly Phrases" sketch from earlier.
  • Written by Mitchell and Webb.

Get Me Hennimore: The Korean Delegation
Runner: Hennimore struggles to maneuver Korean chefs, hired to impress a Korean delegation with an authentic Korean barbecue of dog, and the Peddlesby Dog Club.
  • Hennimore: Robert Webb
  • Boss: David Mitchell
  • Written by Toby Davies and David Mitchell.
Alternate Takes: Polite Taxi Driver
Runner / Blackout: Travis Bickle asks the mirror if he's talking to him very politely.
  • Travis Bickle: Robert Webb

Screw Back in Anger
Recurring: Hazel Irvine presents "Don't Screw Back in Anger," a look back at the historic snooker match between Ted Wilkes and Peter DeCoursey at the Crucible in 1975.
  • Ted Wilkes: David Mitchell
  • Peter DeCoursey: Robert Webb
  • Hazel Irvine: Herself
  • Snooker Referee: Mark Evans
  • Hazel Irvine is the third special guest on the show. The previous guests were Gyles Brandweth and Adrian Chiles.
  • This sketch marks the first appearance of Ted and Peter since the first series.
  • Written by Mitchell and Webb.
Alternate Takes: Rude Ghandi
Recurring / Blackout: Gandhi makes crude remarks and farts on a British delegate.
  • Mahatma Gandhi: Robert Webb
  • British Delegate: David Mitchell
  • Written by Mitchell and Webb.

The Poirot Sketch (Double Act)
Robert gets angry at David playing both parts in the Poirot sketch, rendering the duo dynamic obsolete.
  • Poirot / Captain / Himself: David Mitchell
  • Himself / Female Robert: Robert Webb
  • Johnson: James Bachman
  • Nikolai / Himself: Mark Evans
  • Written by Toby Davies & Chris Pell.


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