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This is the first episode of the third series of That Mitchell and Webb Look. It is the thirteenth episode overall. It originally aired June 11th, 2009. [1]


Comedy sketch show starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

There's a chance to see the world's least successful replacement for the doorbell, a game show from after the apocalypse, and Queen Victoria's unusual objection to a tree. Plus Santa's ne'er-do-well brother Russ returns to the North Pole.[2]

Sketch ListEdit


Picture Title/Description/Cast Sidenotes

Poirot (Evil Voice)
Poirot ousts a murderous woman on the basis of her evil voice.
  • Written by Mitchell and Webb.[3]


Jan Hankl's Flank Pat System
Jan Hankl introduces his patented flank pat system for finding books on shelves.
  • Jan Hankl: Robert Webb
  • Announcer / Edward: David Mitchell
  • Man #1: Mark Evans
  • Man #2: James Bachman
  • Man #3: Toby Davies
  • Woman #1: Sarah Hadland
  • Woman #2: Abigail Burdess
  • Written by Simon Kane.

The Apprentice
Two TV producers discuss how to improve The Apprentice. The answer: real idiots.
  • Boss / TV Producer #1: David Mitchell
  • TV Producer #2 / Employee #2: Robert Webb
  • Employee #1: James Bachman
  • Employee #3: Sarah Hadland
  • Written by David Mitchell and Jonathan Dryeden Taylor.


The Quiz Broadcast
Recurring: A post-apocalyptic quiz show has trouble with its frenetic contestants.
  • Host: David Mitchell
  • Patrick: Robert Webb
  • Sheila: Sarah Hadland
  • Unidentified Male 282: James Bachman
  • This is the first appearance of The Quiz Broadcast.
  • Test Card: "Help Me!"
  • Winner: Patrick; his prize is "fuel."
  • Written by David Mitchell and Jonathan Dryden Taylor, incorporating material from a sketch by Joel Morris & Jason Hazeley.

Brain Surgeon
A bragadocious brain surgeon meets his match.
  • Lionel: Robert Webb
  • Geoff: David Mitchell
  • Man: James Bachman
  • Woman #1: Sarah Hadland
  • Woman #2: Abigail Burdess
  • Written by Jesse Armstrong, Sam Bain, and the Dawson Brothers.

Behind the Scenes: Action Figures
David and Robert get their own action figures, though Robert isn't too impressed with his portrayal.
  • Robert Webb: Himself
  • David Mitchell: Himself
  • Robert's figure being anatomically correct is a nod to the 2006 film, Confetti, where his penis was repeatedly shown uncensored.
  • Written by Chris Reddy.
The Policemen: Police Brutality
Recurring: A police offer vehemently denounces his hatred for a community support officer.
  • Police Officer: David Mitchell
  • Community Support Officer: Robert Webb
  • Boy: Robert Medge
  • This sketch marks the first appearance of The Policemen.
  • Written by Mitchell and Webb.

Get Me Hennimore: Lazy Susan
Recurring: Hennimore needs to make sure that his boss' golfing friend, Jacques, doesn't touch his alcohol cabinet, incoveniently disguised as a set of Edwardian golf clubs. Hilarity ensues.
  • Hennimore: Robert Webb
  • Boss: David Mitchell
  • Jacques: James Bachman
  • This is the first appearance of the "Get Me Hennimore" series of recurring sketches.
  • Portrait: The painting shows Hennimore's boss golfing. Once the situation goes awry, it is spray-painted over with "Fuck you Niklaus" by Jacques.
  • Written by David Mitchell and Toby Davies.


Linden Trees
Queen Victoria makes a startling remark about a certain smell to the Prime Minister.
  • Queen Victoria: Robert Webb
  • Prime Minister: David Mitchell
  • American Ambassador: James Bachman
  • Written by Simon Kane.

Behind the Scenes: Dog Cannon
Robert struggles to sell David on his idea of rendering the doorbell obsolete through dogs fired through cannons.
  • Robert Webb: Himself
  • David Mitchell: Himself
  • Written by Richard Law.
Dumbing down
Is British Television Dumbing Down?
Blackout: The host of Hard News asks the serious questions.
  • Host: Robert Webb
  • Will Fenton: David Mitchell
  • Written by Robert Webb.


Lazy Writers: Undercover Secret Spies
Recurring: The lazy writers, unable to properly research a spy drama but inspired by Octopussy, create one regardless.
  • John Gibson / Matthew: Robert Webb
  • Andrew Turner / Steve: David Mitchell
  • Head Spy: James Bachman
  • Rookie Spy: Sarah Hadland
  • Written by Mitchell and Webb.

Russ Claus
Drama unfolds at the North Pole as Russ Claus goes to Santa asking for money.
  • Russ Claus: Robert Webb
  • Santa Claus: David Mitchell
  • Joyce Claus: Sarah Hadland
  • Written by Chris Reddy.


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