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The following are sketches cut from episode broadcasts in the first series of That Mitchell and Webb Look. They are included on the show's first season DVD.

Sketch ListEdit


Picture Title/Description/Cast Sidenotes
Barry Crisp: Cheap Old Food
Recurring: Barry Crisp entices customers with old food in a parking lot.
Rude Interrogation
Planned Runner: A police inspector apologizes for the intensity of his interrogation.
  • Police Inspector: Robert Webb
  • Harper: David Mitchell
  • Policeman: James Bachman


The Past
A couple relocate to the past so as to avoid paying income tax.
  • Andrew Merrill: David Mitchell
  • Margaret Merrill: Olivia Colman
  • Servant: Robert Webb
  • Narrator: James Bachman
Rude Sexist Remarks
Planned Runner: A police inspector apologizes for some off-color remarks to a female employee.
  • Police Inspector: Robert Webb
  • Karen: Abigail Burdess

The British Broadcasting Corporation: Thermonuclear Radon Machine
Recurring / Extended Cut: After a brief announcement, an interview has some issues because of the thermonuclear radon machine hiding behind set.
  • Host #1: Robert Webb
  • Stanley Kemp: David Mitchell
  • Mr. Winkleman: Mark Evans
  • This sketch is an extended variant of another sketch featured in Episode 4. This version includes an introduction and the interview is much longer. In addition, this version has a blue tint whereas the other is rendered in black-and-white.
Friends of Nehru
Recurring: Two housemates discuss inviting Jawaharlal Nehru to their party, but hesitate at the thought of Mahatma Gandhi tagging along.
  • Housemate #1: David Mitchell
  • Housemate #2: Robert Webb

The British Broadcasting Corporation: Mastermind
Recurring: The BBC introduces another bit of the endlessness by testing the knowledge of a special guest.
  • Host #1: Robert Webb
  • Stanley Kemp: David Mitchell
  • Gregory Marsh: Mark Evans

Don't Come Round Here
A man wants to make sure nobody is watching him change into his swimwear.
  • Man: Robert Webb
  • Friends: Unknown

The British Broadcasting Corporation: What's My Line?
Recurring: The BBC introduces their latest bit, What's My Line?.
  • Host #1: Robert Webb
  • Stanley Kemp: David Mitchell
  • Architect: James Bachman
  • Housewife: Olivia Colman
  • Gardener: Mark Evans
A poltergeist is released at a movie shoot. Or is it?
  • Keith: Robert Webb
  • Director: David Mitchell
  • Jenny: Olivia Colman


Two monks are disappointed by the lack of sex in their positions.
  • Monk #1: Robert Webb
  • Monk #2: David Mitchell
  • The Abbot: James Bachman
  • Bartender: Gus Brown
  • Nuns: Unknown

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