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The Helivets is a recurring sketch in Series 2 of That Mitchell and Webb Look. It features a pet being killed, and the Helivets trying to save it. Webb plays one of the vets, who tries to comfort the "concerned owner", whilst Mitchell repeatedly states "It's dead". After Mitchell gives a reason for the pet being dead, Webb says "We can save it!", to which Mitchell replies "We can't." Mitchell runs away to the helicopter, as Webb says "We're the Helivets!" before running away as well.

Theme songEdit

The Helivets have a theme song. It is rock music, and has the lyrics;

"From the skies to save your pets,

Here they come, the Helivets!"

Appearances Edit

MWLook 2.1Edit

A dog is let off his lead and runs into the road. The Helivets arrive, but, as Mitchell states "It's head is over there"

Deleted sceneEdit

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